Tracking Stations


tracMo Station


tracMo AoA Station


tracMo Station for Home

Track Your Valuables Anywhere

With tracMo Station, you can locate your valuables to a specific room; even from afar

Compatible With Many Devices

tracMo Station is compatible with any Bluetooth LE and legacy devices which broadcast beacons

Advanced Features with tracMo trackers

Additional features such as ring, motion detection, and Alexa when used with tracMo devices

Smart Home Hub

tracMo Station doubles as a Smart Home hub with tracMo as a remote controller; it can also use tracked devices as arrival/departure sensors

tracMo Station Functions

  • Scan for both BLE and BT legacy devices
  • Trackable device management
  • Add selected device to the tracking list
  • OTA Update
  • Simple Installation
  • iOS and Android supports

Tracked Device Support Functions

  • Support outdoor map and indoor locations
  • Ringing tracMo
  • Community Search
  • Device in and out of range alerts
  • tracMo motion detection alert
  • Amazon Echo Integration

Configuration Management

  • WiFi Configuration
  • Indoor location information

Smart Home Features (Future upgradable)

  • Smart Home Device Support
  • Support User Device Profile
  • Arrival/departure sensors
  • IFTTT support

tracMo Station Hardware Specs

Bluetooth Connectivity

Supports both Bluetooth 4.2 LE and Legacy dual mode.

Network Connectivity

WiFi enabled

RF Certifications

CE/FCC/IC/KCC/MIC/NCC/SRRC (per-certified module)

USB Interface

Type-A Power, 5V/300mA; compatible with most USB chargers

Dual mode Bluetooth station
with WiFi backend

  • Track up to 127 Bluetooth devices per station
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth legacy or BLE devices in broadcasting mode
  • Additional function with tracMo (alert, remote control, emergency button, etc.)
  • WiFi backend (NB-IoT planned Q3 2019)

tracMo Zone Manager

e-fence & location tracking

  • Cost effective end to end solution for keeping track of love ones and valuable items
  • Used in places with small kids, elderly with potential memory loss, pets such as homes, elderly care center, kindergarten, hospitals, amusement parks, malls, etc.
  • Provide out of range alerts, indoor/outdoor location tracking, location-based messaging and data collections

Technical specs

  • BLE/WiFi, beacon, AWS Lambda
  • HW/SW/Cloud solutions
  • BLE5 mesh to come


  • e-fence
  • e-attendance
  • BLE5 mesh & high precision (<5M) stations to come