About Tracmo

Company Introductions

  • Tracmo is a startup focusing on innovative IoT solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy, mesh network and scalable cloud technologies.
  • Tracmo is based in Taipei with sale and support operations in U.S. and China; and is a wholly owned subsidiary of FocusOn Technologies (HK).


2014 & 2015
June 2014
Qblinks Established
Nov. 2015
Qmote Kickstarter Successfully Funded
June 2016
Qmote Launched In 80+ countries
June 2016
Quantum won the Zyxel Smart Home Competition
Aug. 2017
Tracmo, US Established
Dec. 2017
Launched world’s first BLE5 tracker via crowd funding
Feb. 2018
FocusOn Acquires Qblinks IP
May 2018
FocusOn Raised USD$420K and Established Tracmo Taiwan
Aug. 2018
tracMo Launched in Japan & Taiwan
Nov. 2018
tracMo Launched in N.A. (Cubitag)& E.U. (Callstel)